Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Restaurant Zoe

It’s all about the gnudi according to local Seattleites who’ve dined at Zoe. What is gnudi you may ask? Well, gnudi is effectively bare gnocchi or in ricotta without the starchy shell. The process for this is simple, just leave the bare gnocchi out to form its own shell and voila gnudi. Now apparently Zoe had the best gnudi in town and after sampling it myself, I can confidently say this is the best gnudi in the Seattle area.
Dessert wise, Zoe offers a small yet satisfactory selection of chocolately and not so chocolately concoctions. I sampled the peanut butter brownie which comes covered in gold-flecked banana ice-cream with a nice drizzle of caramel. Decadent would aptly describe this dish, a tinge on the sweet side and could have used a bit more salty bite but overall delicious and well presented.

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